Roi & Rik Designs is a mother-daughter lifestyle blog.

The mother/daughter team of the rOi & riK smoothly blends the generational divide in fashion, beauty and lifestyle.” I don’t want to live like I’m twenty something and I don’t want her to live like she’s fifty something.”states Mz. La Royce.
 The brand works as we explore the same things and interpret them differently because of our different cycles of life.
Mz. La Royce has affinity for the new and emerging and Rikki has great respect and curiosity for tradition and  history.
You’ll experience that  difference, and ultimate respect of life cycles throughout the brand whether it’s the fashion line where we take  traditionally classic pieces and infuse them with bright bold colors and modern youthful shapes  or travels where we definitely love to do touristy things but also have pension of the off beaten path, to home, that we hope someday will be an old warehouse converted into living quarters/workspace and entertainment venue.

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