Vintage Tracksuit Pattern Review

I found this vintage 1980’s tracksuit pattern at one of my favorite thrift boutique’s in St . Louis “Revive”. I love this place for their great mix of old and new,  clothing and housewares. Everything is neat and well organized and the profits go to fighting poverty in the community. Its part of Mission St. Louis an organization in which  I’ve volunteered to teach sewing classes for the after school program.

The thing I love most about vintage or thrifted  sewing  patterns is they’re usually precut. (Known secret: I HATE TO CUT PATTERNS!) Previously used patterns mean that some loving seamstress has carefully cut out the pattern pieces. If you are really lucky she’s left notes in the margin, giving you heads up on the pitfalls of the pattern without going though the trials and errors of your own. Most of these patterns were before the luxury of  U-tube tutorials and blogs. So you also get a bit of history. The  downfall of preloved patterns is sometimes they’re missing pattern pieces or instructions.

The great thing about this pattern is that it is very very  very BASIC. Usually  there’s nothing worst than a basic . But a basic pattern is the best. Because it allows you to truly be creative.

This vintage  pattern in its pure form whether made from sweatsuit fabric for its intend 80’s look  (a cute  run around the track) or made from some stretch velvet for a trendy Retro look. You could totally update it for  athle-leisure wear

Of course I took it  3 steps futher and made  mine into a track jumpsuit! It was very easy I took a way the patch pocket on the top and added side stripes on the sleeves. (Which I created by layering gross grain ribbon. Tutorial coming soon.) For the bottom I added slash  front pockets and eliminated the elastic on the sleeves and legs.