Tome Inspired DIY Men’s Shirt Refashion/w McCalls 6515 Pant

This is the first installment of my #RIMS (Re-Imagined Men’s Shirt) Series.

This is probably my favorite white shirt refashion. Inspired by Tome the environmentally and socially conscious brand’s White Shirt Project where 30% of the proceeds go to Freedom for All a foundation that fights human trafficking and modern-day slavery globally.

Tome is by far one of my most favorite brands. Not just for the WSP but also because cause of their view towards inclusion and diversity and the fact that each piece is ethnically produced. Their commitment to sustainability by reducing waste and looking to renewable resources and local goods, regenerating them, up-cycling and creating something new out of something old.

Please note that I did not receive any compensation for my views on this brand.

And it is with the utmost respect that I was inspired to refashion a men’s shirt. It is my hope that Ryan Lobo and Ramon Martin have appreciation for the phase, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”. And are not offended at my clumsy attempt.

I use McCall’s pattern M6515  (now out-of-print)for the floral palazzo pants modified it by adding slash pockets. I’ve used this pattern before, and will definitely used it again it’s very easy and the pants are so comfy. Multi colored raffia was added to Urban Outfitter’s black satin slippers and Steve Madden sunnies.