Re-imagned Men’s Shirt Series

This is another installment of my reimagined men’s shirts series. I love a man’s crisp button down shirt. Sometimes I  love the shirt more than the man. Lol

This refashioned men’s shirt was inspired by Tiffany Michey Diy Fashion Tutorials. She’s also done whole series of refashioned men’s shirts.

I used a thrifted  men’s shirt by Nicole Miller. I really liked this shirt and contemplated leaving it as it was and not cutting in at all. But it was at least two sizes to big and not very attractive on me.

So I  cut  about two inches from the bottom to shorten it  a  bit, the collar, button and button hole plackets were cut off, I made seam in the back to make it smaller without disturbing the sides,(a great  tip I got from the video) added a little tucking to the sleeves and ties from the leftover fabric of the bottom I cut off and a scrap of Ankara fabric. WHA LA! My new wrap blouse!