No Sew Ankara Skirt


  • 2-3 yards of Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Stich Witch
  • String or yarn
  • 2 Snap fasteners
  • Large Safety pin

Measure waist by wrapping string or yarn around waist. Add additional 8 inches and cut.

Decide if you want a high-waisted or low-waisted  skirt.  For a high-waisted skirt measure from the top of your fabric down 8 inches and mark. For low waisted measure down 4 inches. Cut strip the length of the fabric

Lay the waist string on your fabric and cut the fabric strip the length of your string. this is your waistband.

Fold your waist band in half and press. On the long side of the waist band fold 1 inch towards the center fold, do the same for the other side. Put aside for now.

On the remaining piece of fabric decide the length you want your skirt maxi, midi, mini. Measure from the bottom up to the length you’ve decide on for your skirt and mark.(Ankara fabric is bonded at the end eliminating the need for hemming, plus it may have some detailing you don’t want to lose.) Cut across the length of your fabric from the mark you made.

From the top of your fabric fold down 2 in and press. Place Stich Witch between the end of your fold and the fabric bond by pressing with heated iron.

Use the large safety-pin and pin  waist string. Thread pin through opening in fabric and gather fabric onto string. Adjust gathers to the length of the string and make knot at the end without the safety pin.

Lay the folded end of your waist band on top of your gathered fabric, adjust gathers again if necessary, so that the gathered fabric is the same length of your waist band.

Place Stich Witch between layers and bond with hot iron.                                                   Fold waistband on center fold to the back side of gathers and bond like the other side.

Try your skirt on and mark placement for snaps. 3 for High waisted, 2 for low waisted install snaps using manufactures instructions. Make sure the last snap is close to where the gathers begin.


*(You can bond the edges of your skirt if you choose.)