No Sew Metallic Clutch Bag

I love clutch bags. I used to only consider them for special occasions, but now they’re an everyday must-have. Clutch bags add that special pop to any outfit, they  hold a girl’s most important possessions keys, credit cards, cell phone, and lipstick,  but most importantly for me they usually fit perfectly inside that big bulky bag we carry everyday, all day!

DIY No Sew Metallic Clutch Bag

Here’s a cute and easy clutch you can create in  30 minutes or less for under $10. 


Vinyl Placemat ( I got mine at Walmart for $1.96)

Fabric Scrap or Fabric Placemat (you could also use a n old t-shirt, jeans, any old scrap, be frugal more importantly be creative)

Glue(Every one should always have a tube of E6000 on hand)

Snap Closure Set. (You can get these at Wally-mart too. They’re in the fabric section.)

Okay, lets do this!

DIY No Sew Metallic Clutch Bag

Cut fabric to the size of your placemat, leaving a 1/4inch border on all sides. Skip this step if you used a fabric placemat.

Mark you fabric or fabric place mat  where the snap will go and insert the snap following the directions on the package.


Apply glue to wrong side of placemat.


Glue wrong side of placemat to right side of fabric or fabric placemat. Leave  a  1/4 inch border of fabric. If using a fabric placemat skip border your placemat should be the exact same size.


Fold in that 1/4 inch border fabric and press down with your fingers.(Again skip this step if you used a placemat.)


Apply glue to inside of the fabric, start at the bottom and stop2 inches from the top.


Fold from bottom leaving 2 inches free at  the top.


I used paper clips to hold the sides together while the glue dries.(about 10 minutes) You could place a heavy book  on top to hold it if you don’t have paper clips.


After glue dries fold  top over and snap! I told you it was easy!

DIY No Sew Metallic Clutch Bagimageimageimage